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Welcome to the Women in Tech wiki!

This community was created by [WWW]- Cassie McDaniel with the hopes of celebrating women working in the technology industry. It is meant to foster new relationships, share quality articles, and to gather names and contact information in one place to make it easier for folks who organize events to to be inclusive of hardworking ladies in tech.

Why a wiki?

For at least for the past three years [WWW]- FITC has hosted a competition for women to win a free ticket to their Toronto conference. 2010 and 2011 called for videos or animations about why women wanted to attend FITC, but this year [WWW]- in 2012 the call is for "anything you can provide a link to." This wiki is Cassie's contribution to the community, in hopes that a few day's work will snowball and that women will keep contributing to these archives.

Women need to be better represented on the stages at tech conferences and events around the world, so it is to that end that a self-sustaining community in which women can list themselves and/or their inspirational role models in the tech industry will help. It is important that such a list be transparent and social, not only because one moderator may be too busy to keep such a list up-to-date, but because the very act of women stepping up and nourishing the tech community will be what makes all the difference in truly integrating women into male-dominated technology fields.

What will you find here?

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